Who Am I?

1 min readOct 5, 2018

In the Book Ibn-e-Batuta Ke Taaqub Mein by Ibn e Insha, he found to be pretending himself as a doctor. He wrote that (not exact translation),

When I encountered some medical doctor, I used to say that I’m PhD and when I met some PhD, I became a medical doctor.

I’m studying bioinformatics these due to my recent studies in biology and interest in computers. Those who don’t know, Bioinformatics is their cross-breed of these two.

This involves courses of both computer and biology and I’m doing what Ibn-e-Insha used to do.

A few days ago in computer class, I failed to do some simple things in Microsoft Excel while the whole class did it in a few minutes. Instructor asked me, why?

Me: I’m a biologist, not a bioinformatician.

Today in the biology class, other instructor asked us to write the definition of Immunology.

Mine was,

The science to study the identification and killing of dubious characters who want to breed their children in the human body on our resources.

Instructor: Why such non-scientific definition?

Me: I’m a bioinformatician, not a biologist.

Author is a Science Journalist but writing about Torrents these days.