Milestone #3: Muawin — Guiding through your educational journey

1 min readJul 10, 2023

We receive several queries each day regarding admissions, eligibility criteria, and admissions in colleges and universities in Pakistan. Most of these queries reach us via Email and WhatsApp, and the majority go unanswered.

To resolve this issue and better serve our users, we launched Muawin, a discussion forum for students, teachers, and educators. As discussed earlier, the purpose of this platform is to engage with our users and let them engage with each other to address their academic queries.

The forum is subcategorized into admissions, scholarships, test preparation, career guidance, and study abroad. A how-to video is available that will help users learn how to ask their queries.

The only way this development can achieve its desired goals is when the community at large is involved in it and participates in the discussions.

What’s Next?

Milestone #4: Awareness of students in remote areas through blogs, webinars, vlogs, and Skype-a-Scientist sessions with experts