11th Commandment of a Good Academic Presentation — Girls Only

2 min readOct 23, 2017

I have heartedly respect for the females because there is always something great to learn from them. This is the reason, why they happened to be the great researchers and inventors. 11th commandment of a good presentation is exclusively from a female colleague I worked with last semester.

Basically, I was her research associate but we became good friends later. We were working on her defense presentation when she firmly said to use light gray color in the background of the slides.

Why I asked and she replied, “Becuase I’m going to wear gray Abaya on that day”.

“Ok, Wait What!?” I couldn’t digest that. First I took it as a joke but it wasn’t, I reckoned from her expressions.

I reconfirmed, “So you want me to make gray slides of your defense presentation because you are going to wear gray Abaya that day?”

“On my synopsis presentation, me and supervisor (my mentor and very decent lady) wore the white as per slide color” she replied.

It was an exclusive insight of female-research-saga and I’m the first-hand witness of it. “Who even notices that either the slides and dress are synchronized?” I thought.

At least she is kidding about the “Supervisor” part of this act. I believed.

After a couple of hours, we visited supervisor so she can see the presentation. Hesitated but yet asked, “Did you match the color of the slide with the dress in synopsis presentation.”

Instead of answering me, she asked my colleague, “What color are we going to wear on your final presentation”. The answer was, gray.


Ladies, don’t forget to match the slide colors with your dress to have some extra motivation and comfort. When sandals and earrings can be matched with dress why not slide background colors.

I need an early ticket to Mars, please.

Author is a Bioentrepreneur and Cyberbullying Activist.